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During 1999 a group of producers, musician and DJ's were brought together by ROSA to work on the release of a compilation CD, representing both signed and unsigned artists from the Danish electronic music scene, as it looks today.

The unsigned tracks appearing on the departures CD - were selected by the panel from among the almost 100 artists who sent their material to ROSA.

The arrivals CD contains tracks representing music from the established electronic scene, chosen directly by the panel

A panel consisting of producers, musicians and DJ's, made the final selection from the tracks we received.

The Panel was:

    Nicka Kirstejn (Brainwash, Aarhus)
    Henrik Munch (Sorten Muld, Aarhus)
    Mads Mortensen (Foreign Affairs/DR, Copenhagen)
    Jakob Domino (Street Dance Records, Aarhus)
    Jesper Graugaard (Voices of Wonder, Copenhagen)